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I can help you

Reach your business & personal potential today

Coach & consultant with over 15 years experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands across B2B and B2C.

I've seen what holds brands, businesses and people back, and what makes them fly.

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Optimise sales & marketing effectiveness

Delivering  Sales & Marketing integration

Sales and marketing teams are both trying to do the same thing: deliver sales and become a brand and supplier of choice. They go about it in different ways and often don't speak to eachother. I speak fluent sales and marketing. I create alignment by effective communication internally and externally. 



Overcome & prevent burnout, become your best self

Live your best life,  re-program your mind

We're barely in survival mode right now. Our brains pick up limiting beliefs, people pleasing and imposter syndrome every day trying to keep us safe, but it actually holds us back. This results in burnout, low confidence and unhappy people. I will find what is unconsciously holding you back, remove it and help you create your dream future. 

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Training content

Raising sales & marketing capabilities
Lifting mental health & wellbeing 

Upskill your talent to perform at their best 

Sales and marketing are broad and multifaceted disciplines, requiring a multitude of specialist skills. Nobody can do everything. I upskill marketers and salespeople to learn the portfolio of skills they need in today's dynamic fast paced world, through training content covering sales, marketing and wellbeing.  

You're in great company...

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