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Hi, I'm Laura

I support businesses and people to achieve their potential through consultancy, coaching and training content.


I’ve spent over 15 years working with some of the world’s biggest brands across B2B and B2C. I've seen what holds brands, businesses and people back, and what makes them fly. I'm committed to being part of the business revolution that makes the world of work a better place for people and enables businesses to flourish.

My Story

Originally from Hertfordshire, after burnout and a life pivot, I now live in Devon. At school, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. That would have been a huge mistake! When I was doing my A levels, I realised that it was Business and Marketing that were my passion and my strength. My Business Studies teacher would frequently say: “I like the way you think”. This has been repeated to me throughout my career.

When changing my degree, my parents asked me what I wanted to do. My reply: ‘I want to work in marketing for a big company in London’ so I did, several of them as a client: Disney, British Gas, Canon, Deliveroo. And even more as a consultant.

I’ve always been interested in psychology which is at the root of sales, marketing, and coaching. For me, this translates into how to effectively influence & engage customers, as well as help people to be their best selves. I’ve been mentoring and mentored throughout my career; I noticed my style was a blend of coaching and mentoring. I wanted to learn how to be a coach, in a way I could make big difference quickly, and use coaching skills as part of my sales and marketing career. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was the perfect solution. I qualified initially as a practitioner and then did advanced master practitioner and hypnosis training. It’s been life-changing for me and brings so much joy to help clients to improve their lives. 

Following burnout, I made a lot of life changes. As well as learning NLP and hypnosis, I've attended mindfulness and self compassion retreats. I've done the Zoe gut health study and learned the huge impact food and nutrition has on my own body. I feed my creativity with art and have created some masterpiece paint by numbers! I have developed my own lifestyle habits including yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, self care, an impressive tea collection, nature connection, new working patterns and regular doses of Les Mills classes; Body Attack and Body Pump are my favourite ways to get an endorphin hit! You can change your life, one step at a time and I'll share my toolkit with you. 

Times are tough as we're all adjusting to a new life post pandemic. Everyone I speak to is struggling to adjust in some way. Reach out today, whether you need consultancy or coaching support, I'd love to help you. 

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