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Consultancy:  what I do 

Do you need help with a project? Another brain or trusted pair of hands? I can help. 

I've worked across B2B and B2C across a variety of industries and disciplines covering sales and marketing. I get it. From research & insights, commercial category management, brand management, content and digital marketing to sales enablement & effectiveness. 

I've successfully applied my skillset to Account Based Marketing, Partner Marketing, Content Marketing, and Sales Enablement to effectively engage customers, increase brand affinity, win global contracts and increase sales. 

I get to the root of what you need quickly. I'll ask the right questions, join the dots between sales and marketing and help you measure your success.

I know what really makes a difference, and I love supporting clients think differently, and get what they need to done, empowering them to grow. 

1) Deliver business objectives

How?  Business first approach

2) Tell your  customer value story

 How? Value Proposition

Some organisations are wasting up to 80% of their marketing spend. I've seen it happen time and time again. Businesses wasting money on the latest shiny thing that doesn't actually deliver revenue or brand growth. I start with the financials: what does your business, product or brand portfolio look like, and then develop a marketing, sales and content strategy that delivers targeted and measured growth. I'm allergic to vanity metrics. 

Features are everywhere.  You need them, but you need to understand what's important & drives your customer. What is an inconvenience vs what is urgent and will cause them to act now. Your value proposition is the lifeblood of your business, enabling customers to understand what you offer and how it will benefit them. It brings your story to life, combining your What with your How and Why. If you're missing this, you're missing your car's engine. I can help. 

3) Sales & Marketing  integration

How? Sales Enablement

4) Sales Effectiveness

How?  Coach the person, not the role

Sales and marketing are both trying to do the same thing: increase revenue & brand preference. They often speak different languages and work in silos. I speak both languages, having worked in both disciplines. I'll make sure there's full funnel integration through my 5 pillars of sales enablement: Content, Systems & Tools, Communication & Engagement, Governance, and Coaching & Training. 

Salespeople have one of the most stressful jobs and are often the main breadwinner. The average Salesperson tenure is 18 months. I combine what needs to get delivered, with what's happening for your salespeople by combining my professional experience with NLP coaching. This removes what is holding your salespeople back instead of stuffing their already full brains full of training. That comes next!

5) Engage & convert customers

How? Buyer focus content strategy

6) Optimise your content

How? Content audit & mapping

Your content needs to effectively engage & influence your customers at every stage of the buying journey.

Content with purpose. I'll help you translate your objectives into content strategy, then into your content development plan. I can write content too, integrating NLP for optimum performance. Value not volume, target the right people, with the right message, channel and content format at the right time. Let's go. 

More than 70% of content created is unused. A huge waste of time and budget.

I'll help you score and map the content you already have, then define what can be reused, repurposed or created. Customers are time and attention span poor. They want content that's relevant and helps them, not branded blah. I can help. 

Work with me

I work with big global brands, as well as small & mighty owner founders. 

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What My Clients Say

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TP, Consultancy client

"You've really helped us to get clear on who we are as a brand and how to position ourselves. I always feel  inspired after a session with you, your passion and knowledge shines through." 
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