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Training content:
Writing & delivery

In today's rapidly evolving business environment, people need multiple skillsets.

As much as 80% of training content is wasted. Why? People are stressed, they may not have the mental capacity to take time out to learn. Training content is often pushed out as a tick box exercise. Learning content isn't integrated and applied to the person and role. The list goes on...  

I combine my knowledge, experience, qualifications and NLP coaching skills to deliver practical, engaging and impactful training content that delivers learning outcomes. Empowering people and organisations with lifted capabilities to compete and win in today's complex, fast paced environment.

I love learning, and I have a relentless growth mindset. I've delivered hundreds of presentations throughout my corporate career. I've also written & delivered training content for global marketing capability consultancies across multiple clients, industries and topic areas.

I'm passionate about lifting sales and marketing capabilities alongside mental health and wellbeing.

Topics I've written & delivered content about: 

What training content do you need help with? 

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